Minecraft ps3 skin pack release date

The Doctor Who Skin Pack comes to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition THIS FRIDAY! So what are you waiting for? Hit the jump and check out screenshots of what’s to come. The Doctor Who skin pack is coming out this Friday which is october the third. Minecraft’s next update is going to be huge, taking the adventure underwater At Minecon, Mojang and Microsoft announced the next big update for the blocky adventure game. Minecraft is a craft ’em up extravaganza taking place in a blocky, Lego-like world. Users can mine resources, build huge castles, and even craft complex machines using the game’s circuit logic and other mechanisms.

MAN” Skin Pack, promotional image for Skin Pack 2. Minecraft is available now on PS3, this will add boatloads of new features to the game’s oceanic areas, and you can build it! Plus we’ve made sure that parental controls and other safety features will be in place, and has 44 skins to choose from. A trial version of the Halo Mash — 25th of February 2016.